April 26th Lecture

Floyd Miner of the Springville Historical Society will present a lecture on “The Twelve Wives of Aaron Johnson” on April 26, 2017 at the Springville Museum of Art. The lecture will begin at 7:00 pm.

Mr. Miner is a direct descendant of Aaron Johnson, the leader of the first group of settlers to make their home on the banks of Hobble Creek in 1850. Aaron was also the first LDS bishop in Springville.

The histories of Bishop Johnson’s wives are sometimes lacking in specific details, but each had an interesting role to play in the development of the community. And the subsequent generations of ¬†children that came from these unions, carry the names of many of the families that continue to make up a significant portion of the local population.

It promises to be a very interesting evening for all who can attend. The meeting will be in the lower level of the Springville Museum of Art and is open and free to the public. Also happening on the same evening is the opening of the Spring Art Salon at the Museum which opens at 6 pm. Patrons may want to come early to take advantage of the beautiful art on display before attending the lecture.

Margaret Johnson - G E Anderson

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