February Lecture – Springville’s Newspapers

Lee Taylor searching an old copy of the Springville Herald
Lee Taylor searching an old copy of the Springville Herald

The Springville Historical Society lecture for February will concern the history of The Springville Herald. The lecture will be given by Christi Babbitt who has a personal connection with The Springville Herald as a long-time reporter and member of the Conover family who  were the publishers of the newspaper for generations. The Springville Historical Society considers its collection of  Springville Herald copies to be one of its most valuable assets. Our bound copies of the newspaper go back as far as the 1930s and document almost all of the important events that occurred in Springville and Mapleton until the Provo Daily Herald, then owner, decided to discontinue publishing The Springville Herald a few years ago.  Christi’s lecture is bound to feature many interesting historical highlights and stories about publishing a local community newspaper.

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